Gene Hicks


Gene Hicks a.k.a. G-Da-Man

Edward Gene Hicks, a.k.a. G-Da-Man, began his career in Champaign, IL in the Mid-West Hip-Hop underground scene as a break dancer for the Twin City Breakers performing and competing in shows around the country. He continued his career in hip hop by honing his rap skills and eventually forming the rap group Paign Family. After spending many years producing, performing, and hosting events all over the U.S., making a name and gaining respect from his peers along with a large fan base, Gene began to set his sights on film production.


Gene's knowledge of production from years of working in the underground and his experience as a martial artist made him a force to reckon with as an African-American action film maker. Graduating from Columbia College in Chicago, Illinois with a B.A. in Arts and Entertainment Media Management, he started GH Productions and Films. Gene has produced a variety of music videos as well as his own film projects and has completed work as a fight choreographer and actor in Chicago. 


Gene's most recent project is Hip Hop Fit with Gene Hicks. His unique workout format weaves together his hip hop skills--MC'ing, dancing, and rapping and his talents in martial arts to create a fun and effective workout. Gene and his amazing wife Kate Ryan partnered to open their own studio in February of 2016 with the support of the Hip Hop Fit Family and the Small Business Development Center. Gene has produced 4 volumes of his workout and they are available for digital download at